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Feel the Beat of Product Thinking. ProductBeats is the backbone for creating Products that are loved, profitable and sustainable. You don’t want to miss this conference on the 19th of March 2020. Now re-engineered as a digital experience!

ProductBeats - Create the History of Tomorrow

Corona Update – ProductBeats Re-Engineered

The recent Corona situation makes it impossible to experience an IRL excellent product conference experience. And it is, of course, not the right thing to do.  But, we are not canceling; we are RE-ENGINEERING the conference. The Conference is split into two parts.

1) A digital part on the 19th of March
2) A face-2-face experience in June (in Oslo or Stockholm).

We still hope to meet you online on the 19th of March and face to face in June!

We thank you for the understanding and we’d also like to extend our gratitude to our main sponsors:
Modular Managment
Tele2 IoT

Digital Agenda

On the 19th of March we have the following Digital Agenda:



For the second part of the conference in June, there will be a half-day filled with product wisdom, networking, and experiences. Preliminary dates are on the 16th of June in Stockholm and 18th of June in Oslo.


Can I get a full or partial refund?

We are Re-Engineering the conference not cancelling it. This means that you will not get a full re-found.

If you are not satisfied with the conference set up you can get a refund. Subtract 2000 SEK from the ticket price and then you will receive 2/3 of the remainder.

Please send us the receipt of payment or invoice paid.

Where is Product Essentials taking place?

The Product Essential training is being held both face to face and remotely.

If you are to participate in the F2F the address in Stockholm is , Ringvägen 100e, 8th floor.

Who will present at the Face-2-Face sessions in June?

The list of speakers has been altered. Still most of the speakers will present. See list below or the agenda.

Will the online event be interactive?

The Online event will offer interactive tools. Voting, commenting, posing question. There will also be a digital networking session.

However, all audio from participants will be restricted due to sound quality issues.

Will the Serivce in Strategy workshop be rescheduled?

Yes, the fabulous workshop with Christian Kowalkowski is postponed. We are planning a new date.

Where and how will I attend the digital experience?

Sit in your office, work from home or maybe from a café. We are right now conducting tests on different platforms and a winner be announced on Monday.

The tenth year of Product Conferences – join the best and the latest in the product-world for an online experience.

This year with AI, Reshaping an Ecosystem, Building a Brand, Growth Hacking, Service Strategy in Action, and more action oriented inspiration! WOW! The 2020 conference is setting a new standard! 

It is the conference where we all Create the History of Tomorrow!

Not for Everyone

ProductBeats is a conference designed for: 

  • Product People – with any type of title. Are you managing or developing products. This is the place where we think, breathe and discuss product success. Maybe your title says: Product Manager, Product Owner, Product Specialist or Product Marketing. We promise you concrete concepts for growth.
  • Service Heroes – If you are managing a service and evolving it. It could be facility management, insurances, training management, cloud services or similar. We promise you thoughts on how to scale the business. .
  • Business Innovators – Are you looking for new revenue streams? We promise you will get the ideas on how to make it happen!

Why You Must Participate

  • Hack the market and grow with your existing product!
  • Find new revenue streams!
  • Learn how to take true product ownership and make it happen!

Product Expert Presenters
You’ll become inspired by some of the greatest Product Minds:

Therese Ericsson

Lead the change to growth

Liza Collin - Speaker at Productbeats 2020

Liza Collin

The Magic of Strategic Narrative.

Amy is presenting at ProductBeats 2020

Amy Loutfi

AI in your product next week.

More Speakers

Learn From the Best

ProductBeats Re-Engineered – presenters for the 19th of March

Liza Collin - Speaker at Productbeats 2020

Liza Collin (Visma)

Making stories real and experience the magic of a strategic narrative.

Liza has discovered the true power of stories. She will show how you can build a strategic narrative for your product via storytelling techniques. 

Liza is the Market Readiness Director and responsible for product growth at Visma.  At Visma, she uses storytelling to launch and release software in the cloud.

Listen to Liza if you want your customer to desire your next product release!

Anders Hedebark (Profoto)

A new formula for growth.

All professional photographers have a secret. It is spelled Light shaping. Profoto is the force behind it. Anders is man behind Profoto. At this very moment Profoto is moving their light shaping tools into the mobile phones. Learn how to innovate and have remarkable profits at the same time. Anders has changed the formula for developing products.

Anders is the CEO and drives the Profoto portfolio.

Listen to Anders if you want to grow while making money!

Christian Kowalkowski - Speaker at Productbeats 2020

Christian Kowalkovski (LiU)

Service strategy in action.

The service industry has not come close to its potential. Christian has made it his quest to find the keys to scalability within the service arena. He has researched the best companies around the world and done his homework. His findings have been published, and used by companies around the globe and his books are the leading the Service development.

Christian is a well renowned author and leading international researcher in the field of Service Management.

Listen to Christian if you want to Release the Potential of your Services!

David Almström från VOI is presenting at ProductBeats 2020

David Almström (VOI)

Product Thinking.

David Malmström has worked with Product Management at Spotify, Telenor, Ericsson and is now responsible for Product Management at the Swedish scooter company VOI.

Grooming the backlog has always been a main concern for the Product Managers at all these companies. He will share how you can act and think to do successful Backlog grooming.

Listen to David if you want to build Product and not Features

Johan Molin is presenting at ProductBeats 2020

Johan Molin (Epidemic Sound)

Hacking the music market, solve the problems by avoiding them! 

Johan is leading the product at Epidemic Sound. They have re-engineered the music ecosystem. Not only have they digitized distribution but digitized relations and IP. Johan is building the products that allows youtubers, thought-leaders, tv stations and media houses to energize their stories with cool music. 

Johan is the Head of Product Management at Epidemic Sound.

Listen to Johan if you are looking for new revenue streams!

Therese Ericsson (Scania)

Don’t follow – lead the change growth.

Sustainable transports and new fuels. How do you roll it out and change a complete market? Therese is a Product Manager for new fuels at Scania. But how do change the Ecosystem and make millions of people change their behavior. Therese is driving Ecosystem change while developing cool products in the right order.

Therese is Product Manager for new fuels at Scania.

Listen to Therese if you want to prosper in changing markets!

Amy is presenting at ProductBeats 2020

Amy Loutfi (Neurolearn)

AI in your product next week.

You cannot open a paper without reading about Artificial Intelligence – AI. But how do you get started? It seems to be such a mega thing. Amy Loutfi is the founder of Neurolearn and Professor in AI at Örebro University. She believes you can have AI in your product already next week. Really? Yes, REALLY!

Amy is the founder of Neurolearn.

Listen to Amy if you want to know how to incorporate AI in your products.

Dr. Petra Färm (Tolpagorni)

The new role of the Product Owner. 

How do you act as a Product Owner in todays agile world? Petra has seen the role change since Agile was introduced. She has evaluated different organizational setups and ways of working. She will reveal the new rules for successful scrum teams!

 Petra is a Product Owner Guru at Tolpagorni.

Listen to Petra if you want to excel as a Product Owner.


Product Essentials

Date: 18th of March

This workshop is the foundation for product management. It will give you the necessary tools for building great products. Learn how to manage your products and work with your stakeholder more efficiently.

Please note that you’ll be able to participate remotely.

Price for one day workshop:

7 900 SEK

Buy Essentials ticket

Online Conference

Date: 19th of March

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Corona Virus, ProductBeats Conference is re-engineered as a digital experience.

Create the history of tomorrow. Be inspired. Build knowledge. The conference is where brilliant minds solve Product issues.

Price for Digital Conference:

2 900 SEK

Price for Network Conference:

4 600 SEK

Buy Conference ticket


Date: 20th of March

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Corona Virus, this workshop has been postponed. 

A new time and date will be communicated.

The Venue

Due to the Corona virus, the ProductBeats Conference has been re-engineered to an online event. We are currently evaluating different tools, and we will let you know how to participate shortly.

The Product Beats community tool is used for engaging and networking already today via Haartland continue to do so throughout the conference.

ProductBeats Re-Engineered

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