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Our in-depth workshops allow you to accelerate your learning and gain new insights, which will help you grok the logic of product thinking.

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In addition to attending the ProductBeats Conference, you can further boost your learning by participating in one of our workshops, exclusive to ProductBeats. The workshops are hosted and moderated by experts in their fields, and you are guaranteed to leave with actionable insights that you can put to use straight away.

Make the most out of your ProductBeats experience – attend one of the exclusive workshops.

During the workshops, you deep-dive into product management and business-related topics in a way exclusive to ProductBeats. You will be able to ingest the latest knowledge from the field and academia, which will put you ahead as a product person.

But knowledge is one thing. Putting it to practice is another, so during the workshops, you will get guidance, tips, and tricks on how you can take your newfound knowledge and turn it into actions in your organization.

Why You Must Attend the Workshops

  • Learn the latest from “the field” and academia and boost your career!
  • Interactive workshops with thought leaders that will spark actionable insights!
  • Find new revenue streams and more effective ways of managing your products and portfolio!
  • Learn how to take true product ownership and make it happen!

In-Depth Workshops
apart from joining the conference you can participate the following Exclusive workshops:

Christian Kowalkowski - Speaker at Productbeats 2020

Service Strategy in Action

Learn how to shift your business from a goods-centric to a service-savvy business model in this exclusive workshop with Professor Christian Kowalkowski.

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Darja and Tony are running a workshop at ProductBeats 2020

Scaling Agile

A workshop with Prof. Dr. Darja Smithe and Prof. Dr. Dr. Tony Gorschek, who will show you how you can grow your product and business by reducing waste and instead deliver working increments on a timely basis.

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Exclusive workshops in conjunction with the ProductBeats 2020 conference.

Christian Kowalkowski - Speaker at Productbeats 2020

Service Strategy in Action

Treating a service like a product is a deadly sin

It used to be straightforward. A Product was a Product a Service was a Service. In the industry today, everything has changed. Simply making a great product is not enough. To achieve profitable growth and stand out among competitors, you must start to compete through innovative services.

In this exclusive workshop, Professor Christian Kowalkowski will guide you on how to shift your business from a goods-centric to a service-savvy business model. The twelve-step roadmap to profitable service growth will help you break out of a narrow product-centric logic and discover how to:

  • Make your company “fit-for-service,”
  • Evolve your existing services,
  • Deliver service Innovation
  • Understand the keys for a service-centric culture
  • Build a service-savvy sales organization,
  • Develop an ecosystem strategy

Service Strategy in Action - ProductBeats WorkshopKowalkowski, together with Wolfgang Ulaga, has built a twelve-step roadmap for evolving your Service Business. It is the result of rigorous research and hands-on experience working with Service development. Hundreds of managers in industrial and professional services companies have participated in the work.

The models received praise in scientific and managerial journals, including Harvard Business Review, among others.

In the workshop, Christian Kowalkowski shares the lessons learned from successful case studies and years of extensive research.

If you are serious about your Service Business – this is the opportunity to listen and discuss with the world’s thought leader.

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Darja and Tony are running a workshop at ProductBeats 2020

Scaling Agile

Stop wasting your time. Become truly agile.

All of us want to scale our Agile operations. We have found the scrum teams to work efficiently, but how do we scale, keep up the speed while keeping a product direction?

We have, over the years, been trying to get rid of the slow waterfall models. But as we speak, your agile organization is implementing disguised WATERFALL models. The need to mitigate risk is creating the risk of missing out.  But how can we balance scale, control, and agility in smart ways? Some companies and organizations have succeeded in creating scaled agility. There are vital principles for keeping speed while growing. And to continue developing products that are profitable, loved, and sustainable.

SERT – Software Engineering Re-Thought – is Europe’s most extensive research program for evolving agile thinking. Prof. Dr. Tony Gorschek and Prof Dr. Darja Smite have identified keys for unlocking scaled agile powers. They will share their latest findings and give you tools to manage, transform, and improve your agility.

Besides, participants get the opportunity to become involved in the research program. Ad getting access to the sharpest Agile Brains.

The workshop leaders are world-renowned agile specialists published in business papers like “Harvard Business Review,” and tech magazines like “Journal of Innovation.” They support global world leaders as well as Start-Ups with scaling ambitions.


  • The Core of Scaling Agile
  • Team of Teams
  • The Agile secret: Product Architecture and Organization
  • Agile Metrics – How do you measure success?
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Product Essentials

Date: 18th of March

This workshop is the foundation for product management. It will give you the necessary tools for building great products. Learn how to manage your products and work with your stakeholder more efficiently.

Price for one day workshop:

7 900 SEK

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Date: 19th of March

Create the history of tomorrow. Be inspired. Build knowledge. Grow your network. The conference is where brilliant minds solve Product issues.

Price for one day conference:

7 500 SEK

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Date: 20th of March

Workshops suitable for your challenges:
1. Service strategy in Action – Prof Dr. Christian Kowalkowski
2. Scaling with Agile – Prof. Dr. Daria Smithe and Prof. Dr. Dr. Tony Gorschek

Price for one 5h workshop:

6 200 SEK

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